Discover the Changing Face of Berlin on an Educational Trip

An educational trip is an integral part of a student’s learning experience. Many companies offer a wonderful variety of trips with an educational slant, to a wide variety of destinations. Theory has its place in learning but there is no substitute for getting out and living an experience outside of the confines of the classroom. Itineraries can be tailor-made to suit the particular needs and study focus of your educational trip, so make a point of contacting the tour operator personally for the best advice. Trips are tailored to suit all age groups and always include the chance to truly experience the country visited, in terms of its culture, food, and way of life.

One of the most historically interesting countries in Europe, Germany boasts an incredible history that resonates in the modern world we know today. Although often regarding as having a dark and sinister past, it is one that has shaped German society and raises many interesting and poignant debates. Major questions are raised regarding human ethics, fundamental ideas and the morality of influential leaders. Students are given a harsh, but real insight into some of the horrific history they will have only read about. Stepping into the Cold War bunkers, standing in the infamous stadium in Berlin, and touching the remains of the Berlin Wall will bring it all to life and make for a historically fascinating educational trip.

Berlin – A Dark Past

Berlin is an incredible city, with its dramatic history evident everywhere. Despite that heritage, however, the city has rocketed into the modern world, moved away from the past [without forgetting it] and has embraced its new place in a united, more liberal Germany.

The stadium of Berlin is a prime example of old meeting new. It was modernised for the 2006 FIFA World Cup and yet it still breathes the life of its distressing past. The structure of the modern stadium has been softened and the oval roof shape detracts from the dour, Coliseum-like origins of this remarkable building.

The Brandenburg Gate was the sinister symbol of the political division of Germany during the Cold War Years. There were originally 18 city gates in the city, this being the only survivor. It stands proud, complete with the Quadriga sculpture, the famous horse-drawn chariot driven by the winged goddess of victory. The city has several other memorials of its turbulent history but these are interspersed with evidence of how the city has embraced its unification.

There are some excellent museums and exhibitions in the city and it is definitely worth spending a day wandering the streets, riding the trams and soaking up the modern vibe that exudes here. An educational trip would not be complete without a taste of the local cuisine and some local interaction; the people of the city are extremely friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere in the local cafes and restaurants is full of energy.

Berlin was once divided like no other capital and yet, in a relatively short space of time, the city united in apparent harmony. An educational trip based in Berlin gives students a valuable and informative look into one of the UK’s key influences in modern history.

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